November 09, 2011

Blouse sewing followup pt. 3

 After sewing up Blouse 2.0, I felt confidant enough to transfer my pattern pieces to oak tag. Some pattern makers do all of their patternmaking on oak tag, which is a better practice. But, I usually do my initial patterns in tracing paper. I purchase mine from Clotilde, which carries a paper weight akin to medical examination paper. At some point I do transfer it oak tag for durability. These patterns aren't necessarily production ready. They are designed for the way I work at home. The darts are cut out so I can trace the dart shape on the fabric. In industry darts are marked with drill holes, just as an example.
 I still need to create a buttonhole placement guide and place the armhole notches. I figured out about how much fabric I need to make a blouse and noted it on the main bodice piece. Fold lines and seam allowances that are different from the norm are indicated. I should have marked the interfacing piece in red ink - forgot to go retrieve the red pen from the office.
Anyway, my paper pieces are stored in an envelope for future reference.

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