April 09, 2012

T-shirt pattern quest pt. 7

Some of you may be wondering if I have given up on sewing and pattern making. No worries, I'm still at it. I've been bogged down with a lot of projects. Some personal, some professional. This design loft disaster, though partially planned, landed in my lap last week.

Yep, that's only one view of the massive trench that was opened up in my front yard to replace the sewer line. You can see two sewer lines that have been exposed, one an abandoned line and the one in use that ran uphill. Yep, uphill. Anyway, a new line was laid and everything now runs downhill like it should.

As I watched the destruction, I did do some work on my t-shirt pattern. I kept starring at the picture of version 3.0 of my pattern.

It finally occurred to me why the armhole was giving me so many problems. The back armhole was too short. You can actually see in the picture that the front of the t-shirt is being pulled toward the back at the shoulder seam and underarm. The fix was rather simple - make the back armhole longer.

What a difference, don't you think? There are some other fit problems. I'm still debating the amount that I scooped out on the front armhole. I think I may need some extra width across the front. And then there is the sleeve that wants to twist. But overall, this is pretty good and those complaints are minor. Will there be a version 5.0? Probably.


  1. That's a great improvement!

    I'm curious which method you used to add length to the back armhole. Did you redraw the curve to make it longer, split the back to add length all across, or some other method?

  2. I slashed and spread across the back. Both armholes were redrawn so that the curves resembled my blouse armholes.