October 17, 2013

Adapting a block pattern into something else pt. 2

Rather than take pictures of my pattern making process of pencil on paper, I did up some line drawings. Just to refresh, I am tranforming a t-shirt block pattern into a knit cardigan.

I began by laying my t-shirt front pattern piece on to the cardigan that I'm knocking off and took notes on the differences. I had to keep a few things in mind as I compared the two. First, the t-shirt is close fitting with little extra wearing ease. The cardigan I'm knocking off was accidentally shrunk, so I need to add more wearing ease than is immediately apparent. A cardigan or jacket needs enough wearing ease that it is easy to put on and wear over other clothes. I can't tell you exactly how much wearing ease your pattern should have because it depends on what you prefer. Expect to add somewhere between 2-4 inches extra for this style.

The first step is to trace off half of the front pattern.

Next, I lengthened the pattern piece based on my notes. My pattern piece includes the seam allowances and hem allowance. I don't remove the hem allowance, I just make a mental note and add the hem allowance to the length I've added.

To get the angled shape of the cardigan, I extend from the center front at the hemline and draw a line from the high point of the shoulder to the hem. Gravity will pull that point down and create the angle along with a bit of drape.

The greyed out area represents an area that is removed. On paper I scribble in any area to remind myself to ignore it. You could also erase it.
Next, I add in extra wearing ease by moving out the side seam, dropping the armhole, and extending the shoulder line. The extra ease added to the side seam should only be 1/4th the total ease added because we are only working on 1/4th of the total body circumference.

I'm still debating on how much wearing ease to add. I need to compare my body measurements to the pattern to make sure it is enough.

And this is a far as I've gotten so far. I need to make similar changes to the back pattern piece. I also haven't assigned pattern piece numbers yet. Blank forms for managing patterns are available in my Pattern Making bundle or in the book with complete instructions.

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