October 25, 2013

Adapting a block pattern into something else pt. 3 T-shirt to Cardigan

For review read part 1 and 2 of this series.

Next up on my t-shirt block pattern transformation to a cardigan is to work on the pattern pieces for the back. I won't go into too much detail because there isn't much difference from the front.

Trace off the back and add the same length and width adjustments as the front. Extend the shoulder the same amount. Drop the armhole the same amount.

Next I add drill holes to indicate the elastic for the back waist. The elastic takes up some of the extra body ease in the back to make the cardigan appear more fitted. I didn't add additional design ease for extra fullness, just the same wearing ease as the front. If you draft your own pattern, you can add as much or as little as you want. I referenced the cardigan that I am knocking off for placement. In the picture below, the drill holes appear rather large, but that is just for clarity in the drawing. I'll take a picture of the finished pattern pieces when they are ready so you can see what it all looks like. In reality, the holes will only be large enough so a marking pen(cil) can make a mark.

I also modified my sleeve for length and width. My previous blog post on how to reduce/eliminate sleeve cap ease* should give you an idea of how to adjust the sleeve cap. Walk the sleeve cap along both the front and back armhole of the bodices pieces. The armscye should be longer than the sleeve cap. Note the difference and enlarge the sleeve cap so that it matches the armscye. You can do this by slashing and spreading. Do not add any sleeve cap ease. This is a myth perpetuated by pattern drafting manuals and others. You don't need it.

Finally, I referenced some cardigans in my closet to figure out how long to make the sleeve (plus hem) and how wide to make the wrist. I have a tendency to make my sleeves a little longer than necessary because long sleeves from off the rack stuff tend to be too short for me. Also, I worry about shrinkage. I will be pre-shrinking my knit fabric, but some knits will shrink with multiple washings. In any event, add the length you need for your sleeve.

*I've only recently discovered that some of the images from my older blog posts have disappeared into blogger's blackhole. I will try to fix some of them as I have time.

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